Recent Work


I had the opportunity to assist tracking a large portion of & produce vocals for A Lot Like Birds brand new album “No Place” via Equal Vision Records. This record is spectacular and it is a must-listen for fans of any type of rock. Very stoked for these guys to see where this LP will take them.


Night Verses album ‘Lift Your Existence’ has been released via Easy Killer Records. I am very proud to say that I helped out in the production of this album, and I highly encourage all of you to check it out and purchase it. Don’t sleep on these guys, one of the best albums of the year right here. Very excited to see what comes of their first LP!

Night Verses on iTunes

I have also been extremely busy and privileged to be helping out and tracking/vocal production for the new A Lot Like Birds, mix assisting Our Theory’s album out of France, and tracking for the talented Portland country singer Jessie Goergen.

A Cowardly Lion – Honest EP

Mastering Engineer (5 Song EP)



Mastered at Interlace Audio – Portland, Or




Audio Engineer / Editor based out of Portland, OR.

I am currently associated with Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, Sleeping With Sirens, ISSUES, Night Verses), owner of Interlace Audio

I own and operate a home studio where I do mixing, production, and editing, specializing in Vocal Production.

Portfolio & Other Works posted above.

Contact for services, rates, and questions.

Also skilled in Audio Post Production, Sound Design, and Live Sound.

Resume available upon request.

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